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Weed Control

Weed Control & Invasive weed control management

With a skilled team on hand to advise on the latest treatments and regimes, Sherratt offers comprehensive support for clients in weed control.

Effective grounds maintenance always involves the long-term management of unsightly and, what can be unhealthy, weed control. Weeds can affect the growth of other plants requiring appropriate identification and preventative maintenance to ensure optimum management and control. The experts at Sherratt offer clients site surveys, support and guidance as well as treatment and ongoing advice, as required. However, complex or difficult the situation, Sherratt has the answers.

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Often highlighted in the media, foreign invasive weed species have found their way on to British shores creating headaches for the public and businesses alike.

Including the infamous Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Rhododendron Ponticum, amongst others, these aggressive plants can cause ecological damage when not controlled, suppress native plants and cause both physical and biological damage to the environment. Where invasive weed populations are not controlled, loss of property value and prevention of commercial sales can become real issues for residents, commercial property owners and landlords creating devastating impacts on the local economy.

The experts at Sharrett Landscaping have the skills and expertise to offer comprehensive guidance and support in managing these challenging situations, as well as deliver legal solutions to invasive weed control management.

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