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Fencing Services

Security Mesh Panel Systems, Steel Palisade, Temporary Fencing, Conservation, Close board Timber Fencing, Palisades, Noise-reduction Fencing, Solid Steel or Hollow Tube Railings, Tree Protection Fencing, Chain Link, Knee Rail, Sports Fencing

Sherratt Landscaping provides a first-class reliable service for all commercial fencing requirements. Supplying a wide range of industrial and commercial fencing suitable for all perimeter fencing requirements – industrial, warehousing, government, local authority, office, residential, highways, agricultural or rail – Sherratt has the expertise and capability to support your needs whatever and wherever the property.

The Sherratt team can suggest attractive, high quality and cost-effective fencing solutions to suit every need and budget. From security fencing to conservation requirements, from agricultural to chain link designs, Sherratt delivers on time, every time, to ensure your site is secure.

Security Mesh Panel Systems

A reliable security fencing solution often used for construction sites offering the perfect balance between cost and security

(Steel) Palisade

Sometimes called stakewall or paling, steel palisade is high quality, security fencing suitable for a wide range of high security projects and applications including schools, industrial and construction applications

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Close Board Timber 

Fencepanels are formed from vertical feather edge boards, each partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. Close Board panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than the common Waney edge panels.

Noise Reduction

Sherratt offers a range of acoustic and wooden fencing designs for noise attenuation in traffic, school and rail applications

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Solid steel and hollow bar fencing provides aesthetic appeal and cost savings with a modern aesthetic suitable for recreational facilities, schools and public spaces

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Erected for a variety of reasons including protection of wildlife, reduce spread of disease risk and protect small populations of threatened species, Sherratt has a range of solutions for conservation applications

Tree Protection

A range of fencing solutions to provide a protective barrier to the entire perimeter allowing contractors to work safely and efficiently without the worry of potentially damaging any part of treetrunk, branches, roots or surrounding ground.

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Chain Link

Ideal for inexpensive and lightweight applications, Sherratt chain link fencingsupplies come in galvanized metal and PVC to meet all needs

Sports Fencing

Including mesh and tubular systems, as well as netting and rebound systems, cost effective designs for the perimeter of sports grounds.

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Knee Rail

Otherwise known as diamond wood or birdsmouth fencing is ideal for use in demarcation and around car parks. Typically, a high-quality treated wood design.


A wide range of designs in cost effective panel format fencing solutions for short term use.

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