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Arboriculture Services & Vegetation Management

Tree Surveying, integrated tree vegetation management, weed control invasive weed management, tree felling arboricultural works

Tree surveys are important studies performed on private or public sites to provide useful information for property managers or homeowners to make informed decisions about the trees on their property.

A tree survey contains all kinds of detailed information about the trees and professional arborists at Sherratt usually work with the British Standard BS5837 to determine which trees should be retained, and which trees can be removed, if required.

Sherratt tree surveys usually reveal information such as the species, age and health of the tree, as well as physical measurements including height and diameter and life expectancy. Tree surveys can also reveal conditions unseen by the untrained eye. For example, fungal diseases, trunk integrity and pest attacks can also be identified. Understanding these key attributes enables the Sherratt experts, along with the client, to determine how to manage the tree stocks with Sherratt arboricultural services, as well as avoid errors in felling protected trees in contravention of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Sherratt Landscaping has an experienced and skilled team of arborists ready to support clients with tree surveying on a nationwide basis and all data is captured in a database for client convenience and proactive planning.

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Operating across a wide range of market sectors and with accreditation to ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001, Sherratt Landscaping offers detailed integrated tree and vegetation management plans tailored to clients’ individual needs.

Supporting the needs of properties large and small, the Sherratt Arboriculture Services and Vegetation Management Division understands the importance of ecology management, but also that it needs to be comprehensive and cost effective. With over 50 years of experience in delivering tailored solutions for clients, the Sherratt expert team offers surveys, ecological management, professional tree surgery solutions, as well as felling and replanting planning and implementation.

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With a skilled team on hand to advise on the latest treatments and regimes, Sherratt offers comprehensive support for clients in weed control.

Effective grounds maintenance always involves the long-term management of unsightly and, what can be unhealthy, weed control. Weeds can affect the growth of other plants requiring appropriate identification and preventative maintenance to ensure optimum management and control. The experts at Sherratt offer clients site surveys, support and guidance as well as treatment and ongoing advice, as required. However, complex or difficult the situation, Sherratt has the answers.

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Often highlighted in the media, foreign invasive weed species have found their way on to British shores creating headaches for the public and businesses alike.

Including the infamous Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Rhododendron Ponticum, amongst others, these aggressive plants can cause ecological damage when not controlled, suppress native plants and cause both physical and biological damage to the environment. Where invasive weed populations are not controlled, loss of property value and prevention of commercial sales can become real issues for residents, commercial property owners and landlords creating devastating impacts on the local economy.

The experts at Sharrett Landscaping have the skills and expertise to offer comprehensive guidance and support in managing these challenging situations, as well as deliver legal solutions to invasive weed control management.

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From single tree removal to entire site clearance, safe, professional tree felling services from Sherratt provides clients with complete peace of mind. With an experienced team of skilled NPTC certified tree surgeons, Sherratt conducts efficient tree felling services, without unnecessary disturbance and disruption to local property.

Sherratt guarantees operations will be completed in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations and has the flexibility to deliver all projects, large or small, anywhere across the UK.

With certifications for working at height, along with use of specialist equipment, Sherratt teams operate using harnesses and ropes, or with mobile elevating platforms, to deliver jobs quickly and safely to the required standards. Prior to all works, Sherratt staff also complete thorough environmental and health and safety assessments in collaboration with the client and ensures the implementation of any wildlife and environment surveys in accordance with regulations before starting any work.

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