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We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Innovate Gutter Clearing equipment , the Sherratt Vac. Designed to provide an outstanding gutter clearing capability without the need for expensive scaffolding and ladders.

The new Sherratt Vac features a massive 150-inch water lift making it the world’s most powerful standalone petrol-powered gutter cleaning machine and a super lightweight carbon fibre pole with a reach of over 40ft from the ground. The Sherratt Vac also houses a high spec onboard camera with digital monitor photographic and video capability to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your gutters and the ability to provide not only before and after images but documented cyclical inspections too

Gutters can accumulate a lot of debris such as leaves and twigs over the Autumn/Winter months, which will inevitably cause blockages and water overflow. Standing water in your gutter can get up and under your roofing causing rotting to fascia boards and sub-roofing. Prevention is better than cure in this instance and we are excited to begin offering the Sherratt Vac services to our customers.

If you have any queries, please visit our Gutter Clearing Page or contact us for further information.

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